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Portrait of a Freelancer: Cynthia Whissell

<p><img alt="Image blog Momenteo" class="aligncenter size-full" src="" /></p> <p><em>Freelance Profile - Meet inspiring people who have chosen to earn a living by being self-employed. Discover their story, unique lifestyle, and challenges through a humanistic perspective. Today, we meet Cynthia, a social media strategist who owns an agency.</em></p> <h3><strong>1- Tell us About Yourself</strong></h3> <p>My name is Cynthia Whissell, and I am a social media manager and strategist for my agency TABLO M&eacute;dias. I offer to businesses content strategy development, support, and complete social media management for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.</p> <h3><strong>2- Where Does Your Interest in Social Media Management Come From?</strong></h3> <p>My interest in social media management is not recent! More than 18 years ago, I was utterly addicted to MySpace, which I believe was the first social media I used. Over the years, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become fascinating, and I am still addicted to these platforms. I have been using them personally for a long time, but I often enjoy creating accounts to promote a blog or my paintings. I have wanted to use them for my job for a long time, but it seemed impossible. How could something so fun evolve into a career? It was finally in 2019 that I leaped and went back to school in social media management. I then realized that managing social media accounts for fun is very different from in a strategic way with specific objectives.</p> <h3><strong>3- How Did You Become Self-Employed?</strong></h3> <p>I became a self-employed worker directly after my return to school. Indeed, I was 33, and after a long journey of various jobs, I went back to school to study social media management and strategies. During this course, I worked with a long-time friend, and I discovered the liberty of being a self-employed worker. It then became clear that I would start my business as soon as I graduated. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship; however, I was looking for a relevant domain. I also started a training course on how to start a business when I ended my social media studies, and as soon as I was finished, I leaped.&nbsp;</p> <h3><strong>4- What Is the Most Challenging Part of Self-Employment?</strong></h3> <p>I believe that the most challenging part of self-employment is to set boundaries and learn to say no. It is not something easy when you are a generous person. We need to know our values to avoid any abuse. It is also challenging to set our rates and assume them!&nbsp;</p> <h3><strong>5- Which Part of Being Self-Employed Do You Like the Most?</strong></h3> <p>Everything! More seriously, it is to get involved in different things, never get bored, and wear many hats.&nbsp; Some self-employed workers do not like that, but I love this! Also, I enjoy having some freedom and a flexible schedule. With 3 children, it is perfect. I do not feel guilty of giving importance to primordial elements like my children or my own health.</p> <h3><strong>6- Tell Us About Your Work Routine.</strong></h3> <p>I always wake up at 7 am. I get dressed, and I start working on my computer. Of course, every day is unique, and it is something I like. No routine! When I start my day, I check my emails, messages, and urgent clients&#39; requests. Then, I monitor my clients&rsquo; accounts (to check if there are comments to answer). After, I will start creating or having meetings. It varies each day.</p> <p>In the afternoons, I do easier tasks since I am less focused.&nbsp; I might have meetings with my clients too.</p> <p>Fridays are reserved for creation, business development, accounting, etc.</p> <p>Also, since I recently joined a coworking space (Tiers-Lieu in Laval), I usually arrive about 8 am and leave near 3:30 pm.&nbsp;</p> <p>I am a person who does not like routine. Being a self-employed worker allows me to avoid it.</p> <h3><strong>7- What Are the Online Tools You Could Not Live Without?</strong></h3> <p>Momenteo!</p> <p>Otherwise, I use AirTable for my content calendar, Asana for project management, Timeular for time tracking, and all the Google suite for my emails and the agenda, the Facebook Business suite, Evernote to take notes, PowerPoints to format official documents for my clients, and Canva for visuals.</p> <h3><strong>8. How Did You Learn About Momenteo, and How Long Have You Been Using It?</strong></h3> <p>I believe I discovered Momenteo last April on a Facebook group. Before, I was with a competitor, but it was too complicated. I fell in love with Momenteo when I started using it. Since then, I have been using it, and I would not change my invoicing software!</p> <h3><strong>9- What Makes Momenteo Different from Other Accounting Programs?</strong></h3> <p>Its simplicity! The versatility through the simplicity. The colors, the design. The ease of managing invoices and the customization of quotes, invoices. Everything is there, accessible, simple, and easy to understand.</p> <h3><strong>10- How Did You Find Your First Customers?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></h3> <p>I found my first client on a Facebook group for women who are entrepreneurs. My second client was a friend of hers. The followings were from a course I took at the Korpus training center in Laval. And the list goes on!</p> <h3><strong>11. What Are Your Tips for Someone Who Would Like to Get Into Freelance?</strong></h3> <p>GO FOR IT! It can be frightening at first, but if you wait for the perfect moment, it will not happen, I tell you! Dare to take action. I have had this mentality since day 1. I took a course on how to start a business, participated in the OsEntreprendre challenge, was chosen for the RECRUES LAVAL, won a place in my coworking space. I dare to apply to many conquests, challenges, and training courses, and sometimes I was chosen, and other times not. If you do nothing, things will not happen. Work hard and believe in yourself. It may sound clich&eacute;, but it is true.</p> <h3><strong>&nbsp;12. What Would You Say to Someone Who Would Like to Use the Services of a Social Media Strategist?</strong></h3> <p>It is essential for your business marketing! Yes, friends or relatives can create beautiful content for Facebook; however, you need a strategy. It is the main difference between a social media manager and someone who has not been trained. There is a strategic purpose behind every post. We will start by analyzing your business, competitors, and customers to create the best content for them. It is an investment you make for your business that will be beneficial. It will also allow you to focus on other tasks of your business.</p> <h3><strong>13. What Are You Most Proud of About Being a Self-Employed Worker?</strong></h3> <p>I am building my dream life every day, but also my business. I am also proud of responding to all sorts of challenges daily. I am currently a self-employed worker, but I would like to grow and have employees.</p> <h3><strong>&nbsp;14. Do You Have any Big Plans for This Winter?</strong></h3> <p>My current big plan is a great partnership with another company where I will make social media strategies. I cannot say more now, but it will surely help my agency!&nbsp;</p> <p>I am also preparing myself for the arrival of my first employee in 2022. It will help me bring my business even further!&nbsp;</p> <p>Finally, on a personal note, I am also finishing writing a book!</p> <h3><strong>15. How Can We Contact You?</strong></h3> <p>You can contact me by email at <a href=""></a>, directly on my website <a href="" target="_blank"></a> or on all social media platforms!</p> <p></p>