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Why You Can't Find New Customers

<p>That&#39;s it, you&#39;re now self-employed or a freelancer. You&#39;ve finally handed in your notice to your boss and you&#39;re starting your new life outside the 9 to 5 routine. However, after a while, a problem arises: you can&#39;t find new customers. Before you update your CV to apply for a regular job, here are a few tips that can help you figure out what your problem is.</p> <h3><br /> <strong>No one knows what you&#39;re doing</strong></h3> <p>We talked to several self-employed people in our <a href="">freelance portrait articles</a> and many told us that they mainly found their clients by word of mouth. Therefore, do your friends and family know that you are now a freelancer? Do they even know what you&#39;re doing? Don&#39;t forget to inform your friends and family of your new status. That way, they will be able to refer you if they come across an offer that might be of interest to you. Don&#39;t keep it to yourself, be proud to say you&#39;re now on your own!</p> <h3><strong>You don&#39;t have any online presence</strong></h3> <p>If you experience water damage and you need a plumber, you may do a Google search. Tell yourself that your potential clients will do the same if they need a professional like you. If they&#39;re looking for a graphic designer or translator, will they come across your profile or your competitor&rsquo;s when they look on the web? Web marketing is very important to find new customers. First of all, do you have a website? Don&#39;t forget what your own website can do for you. You can put all your contact information and your services in one place as well as examples of work done and testimonials from satisfied customers. In addition to being found more easily, it will increase your professionalism and credibility. Take a few minutes to complete your My Google Business page, it&#39;s free!</p> <p>Then don&#39;t neglect social media either if you want to find new customers. You don&#39;t need to be everywhere, just be active on platforms related to your domain or with your target clientele. Don&#39;t be afraid to show your work to others. In addition, there are several groups of freelancers and self-employed workers. Members of these support groups can answer your questions as much as help you find new contracts!</p> <h3><strong>You don&#39;t create a relationship with your customers</strong></h3> <p>It&#39;s ok to find some contracts on freelance websites, but are you trying to create a connection between these customers and you? What can you do so that they decide to work with you again instead of posting another offer? To begin with, you have to do a flawless job and follow through with your commitments. That&#39;s the foundation. Then, find out how you can meet the needs of your customers and be friendly. At the start of a business relationship, for example, you could take the time to meet your client to introduce yourself&ndash;of course if there is time. That way, you will be able to better understand your client&rsquo;s needs and values. Treat your first customers with care which will increase the chances of them coming back to you. Better yet, they will recommend you to other potential customers! As mentioned above, word of mouth can make a big difference when you have to find new customers.</p> <h3><strong>You don&#39;t have a target audience</strong></h3> <p>Do you know who your products or services are for? Instead of aiming wide, why not focus your research efforts to find the right customers for you? For example, if you are a translator and you specialize in the medical field, targeting the publishing or literary world is less relevant to you. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are the projects that energize you? Once you&#39;ve answered these questions, find your target audience and get to know them. Where are they and what is it about them that makes them particular? These kinds of questions need to be answered when you do <a href="">market research</a>.</p> <h3><strong>You don&#39;t meet the needs of your target clientele</strong></h3> <p>Once you have a target clientele, it is essential to understand their needs in order to better meet them. For example, if you are a community manager and you have a very busy client, they may prefer you schedule appointments to speak with them and not contact them without notice. Of course, this requires some adjustment at the beginning and remember that all your customers are unique. Keep in mind that the attention you give your customers may be appreciated more by some than others. To help you with all this, leave yourself a note in the profile of each of your contacts. Start by finding your client&#39;s needs, meet them and exceed them. This way, you can build long-term relationships with your customers and you won&#39;t always have to go look for new customers. If you do not meet the basic needs of your customers, they will deal with someone else who will deliver the goods. Meaning, the whole process of finding new customers will have to start over.</p> <h3><strong>You don&#39;t do any prospecting or never follow up&nbsp;</strong></h3> <p>One client lost, ten found, right? Not exactly. If you don&#39;t do any customer prospecting or call them again, you&#39;re going to miss out on great opportunities. First, let&#39;s talk about prospecting. No one likes to pick up the phone and call a potential customer directly. We are all afraid of looking crazy and getting hung up on. To avoid this, you need to be prepared. The person you contact must be somewhat interested in what you are doing or be in your target audience. Then, why not participate in events or <a href="">networking sessions</a>? Take your courage in both hands, then dare to introduce yourself and talk about what you are doing. You never know who will find you the contract of the month or even the year. Finally, don&#39;t hesitate to call your old customers again to catch up and indicate that you are always available for new projects. These actions will make a big difference in the long run!</p> <p>In conclusion, don&#39;t spend your day moaning. Take the steps to get contracts and live your life as a self-employed person to the fullest. It&#39;s really not rocket science to find new customers, you just have to be prepared!</p>