Manage your expenses directly on Momenteo

Whenever you have bill that is related to your freelancer life, use your smartphone to add it to Momenteo. No more volatile pile of papers. No more anxiety related to finding old receipts.

Manage your expenses directly on Momenteo

Never forget anything

Whenever you have bills that are related to your freelancer life, use your smartphone to take a picture or use the desktop app to archive them on Momenteo. That way, everything will be saved in the same place. You will not have to search your papers and files to retrieve everything when it is time to complete your tax returns.

Never forget anything

Manage your expenses easily

Once more, it is simple and easy to save your expenses on Momenteo. You can decide to click on a date to add it or go to the Expenses tab. To add an expense to Momenteo, you only need to add general information, like the date, the expense category, the supplier, and the associated client. You can then indicate if it was paid and add a description if needed.

Note down everything

Furthermore, were the taxes included? Did you leave a tip? Is it a recurring expense? Note down everything your accountant should know about this expense. It will then be easier to do follow-ups.


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I attach receipts to my expenses?

    Yes, you can attach one or more receipts to your expenses so that you always have proof to provide. You can take a picture of your receipts with your phone or attach a document if you add the expense with your computer.

  • How do I add a category?

    It is very simple to add a category, just choose one when you create your expense. And if you can't find the one that best fits then you can create one.

  • Can I charge a customer an expense?

    Yes, you can add an expense to the account of one of your customers in the Bill to box, however it is not mandatory.

  • How do I track my expenses?

    You can track your expenses in the Expense tab and Archives sub-tab. Once your expenses are paid, they will automatically be archived. You can also delete them if they are no longer useful to you.