Manage your invoicing with our powerful calendar

We managed to break down the complexity of accounting to a single question: what have you done today? The calendar is the best human interface to make your accounting very simple.

Manage your invoicing with our powerful calendar

Your new favorite tool

The calendar allows you to easily add work done, expenses, and travels in a few clicks. Get an overview of your week or month in a glimpse, and see if you forgot to add some activities.

The idea behind Momenteo

Everything started with frustration and dissatisfaction. Momenteo’s founder was looking for invoicing software that would meet all his self-employed worker’s needs. Unfortunately, he did not find what he was looking for. At this point, he had the idea of gathering all his work time and work done at one same place: in a calendar.

Your new favorite tool

The calendar is the heart

The calendar is the heart of Momenteo. It is also what differentiates us from the competition. Add works done, travels, work times quickly by clicking on a date. As time passes, your calendar will be filled with everything you have done so far. This can be very motivating.

Manage your work, expenses, travels, and time

If needed, you can also customize your calendar. You can decide to view it weekly or monthly and use filters to find specific invoicing elements (work, times, travels, expenses).


Frequently asked questions

  • How do I change the category of a new entry?

    When you add a new entry, it is given the same category of the last one you selected. That means, you will see the Work done category. To change the category from Work done to Expense or Travel, simply select the category to the left of the date at the top of the page.

  • Do I have to add my customer to my contacts before including them in my calendar?

    You don't have to create a customer listing before entering them in your calendar. However, you will only be able to add their name when you create a new entry in your calendar. When you create their profile, their name will appear in the Contacts tab.

  • Is it possible to duplicate an entry such as a trip or an expense in my calendar?

    Yes, it is quite possible to duplicate an entry. Let's say every Friday at noon you teach a class. For this event, add it to your calendar and when you create the entry, select the Repeat this element button at the bottom of the page.

  • Can I add new items even if the date has passed?

    Yes, if you forgot to add an invoice or enter a trip that was 3 months ago, you can still add it. Go to the correct calendar date and enter your item, and it will be automatically calculated.