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Self-Employed: What to Do When You Want to Drop Everything

<p>Everyone agrees that this year has been a difficult one for many self-employed people and freelancers. Some have seen months of work collapse. Others have had their contracts cancelled. And now many are dealing with working under one roof with their family or roommates. Now that 2021 is just around the corner, do you feel ready to continue or do you secretly want to drop everything?</p> <h3><strong>Everyone Goes Through Tough Times</strong></h3> <p>Before we continue, remember that you are not alone. Many of us have experienced difficulties recently. No one is immune to going through a difficult time, even outside a pandemic. You can forget this little detail when you are self-employed or a freelancer since you are the only person in charge of your business. As you have several superpowers and run your business like a pro, maybe you&#39;ve forgotten that you are human. Periods of doubt and difficult times are normal. Tell yourself that this situation is only temporary. Everything will eventually improve.</p> <h3><strong>Ask yourself Why You Wanted to Become Self-Employed.</strong></h3> <p>Do you remember why you were so eager to become self-employed in the first place? Was it because you couldn&#39;t handle your boss anymore? Was it because your work seemed bland or because you felt you weren&#39;t spending enough time with your family? By becoming self-employed, have you been able to get to know yourself better, meeting your needs? Take the time to list the things that bothered you from the time when you were an employee, and then take a step back. You may have forgotten the things that made your life unlivable at that time. If necessary, talk to the people around you and ask them what they don&#39;t like about their job. I&#39;m sure they&#39;ll share some good information.</p> <h3><strong>Take a Moment for Yourself</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;If you feel like you are drowning and you want to drop everything, it may be time to take a break. When was the last time you took a vacation or at least a few days off to rest? Do you schedule time off for yourself? Self-employed workers and freelancers may feel guilty about taking a little time to rest because if they are not working, they are not making money. Let us respond to this with a quote from an <a href="">interview with Catherine Martel</a>, a self-employed person: &quot;Your company is you! Stay healthy, work on your mindset and give yourself some time off. Without you, there is simply no business, so allow yourself to take time off or to go on a vacation. The world won&#39;t stop turning if you&#39;re not there from time to time.</p> <h3><strong>Surround Yourself with Allies</strong></h3> <p>You don&#39;t have to do it alone 24 hours a day. You also don&#39;t need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Get away from loneliness and be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with allies who will help you grow within your business. For example, if you&#39;re having trouble managing your newsletter mail outs, why not hire someone to do it? If you&#39;re running out of time to reach out to customers, why not outsource this task? Some entrepreneurs will also call on a coach to help them get through a challenging situation. Don&#39;t get rid of your social life either. It&#39;s important to see your friends from time to time!</p> <h3><strong>Find the Source of Your Anxieties</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;Do you happen to want to drop everything because of a particular event? This could be related to a difficult project or client that has turned you upside-down. Don&#39;t let this demotivate you. Just because you&#39;ve had a bad experience doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s your new reality. Here&#39;s a tip to help you remember that you&#39;re a great collaborator: keep a collection of all the positive feedback you&#39;ve received from former clients. When you are in a difficult situation or have doubts, you will only have to reread these kind words to remind yourself that you are meant to be self-employed.</p> <h3><strong>It&#39;s ok if you don&#39;t have that spark anymore</strong></h3> <p>Even after everything we&#39;ve said, you still feel like this is not temporary or that your business doesn&#39;t make you happy, that&#39;s OK. It takes a lot of courage to admit it and many will see it as a failure, but you should say that you tried it. You dared to go for it and that deserves a lot of respect. If you don&#39;t know if you want to continue as a self-employed person or not, why not take a part time job in your field to see how it goes? This will confirm or disprove where you stand.</p> <p>&nbsp;In conclusion, it&#39;s normal to go through difficult times and yes, you may well want to drop everything. Before you make this decision, start by taking a little time to breathe and get some clarity. This may be a situation that affected you more than you think. Perhaps it is more about feeling alone or isolated. Remind yourself what attracted you to self-employment and that you are not alone!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p></p>