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Why Do You Need Professional Photos?

<p><em>With the advent of social media, we are posting pictures of ourselves more than ever. For example, you post pictures of yourself on your last holiday or of your last night out with friends &ndash; before the pandemic of course! What about your professional photos? If you&#39;re running your business, it&#39;s probably a good idea to have professional photos, and not use your Facebook photos! Let&#39;s take a closer look at why you should have these types of photos and how to successfully have a professional shoot.</em></p> <h3><strong>The advantage of having professional photos</strong></h3> <p>First question: is it really worth having <a href="">professional photos</a> if you are a freelancer, self-employed or an entrepreneur? Our answer: definitely! When you&#39;re on your own, you must look credible at all costs. For example, if you need a lawyer during a conflict, will you take the one who shows up in a suit or the one who appears to be on vacation in Cuba? A professional photo can help you gain customers as much as push them away.</p> <p>As well, there are several places where your photos will be useful. This can help you create a strong brand image, especially if you want to be visible. This is all the more important if you want to position yourself, as an expert in your field. It also shows a little more humane side, as your potential customers will be able to put a face to your business. A picture is worth a thousand words; therefore, through your professional photos, show your values, what sets you apart, and what is close to your heart!</p> <h3><strong>Where to use your professional photos</strong></h3> <p>So, where do you use these professional photos? Don&#39;t hesitate to use them wherever you can talk about your business, as they can help you gain credibility.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>On your social media</strong></p> <p>If you have social media pages for your business, consider posting your business photos there. Separate your personal accounts from your business accounts because your customers don&#39;t need to know what you did last weekend. Also, it would be beneficial to use your business photos on your LinkedIn account. It is a platform that can often help you find customers and partners.</p> <p><strong>On your website</strong></p> <p>Your website is the basis for your presence on the web. Therefore, if someone is looking for you on Google, it is only appropriate if the first photos that appear are inspiring and professional. It is recommended to add professional photos of yourself to your company&#39;s website, as this shows that you are a real person. This makes it easier to make a connection and want to contact you.</p> <p><strong>On your business card</strong></p> <p>If a photo of you is important to your business, then your business photo needs to be proudly added to your business card. However, you will need to have your photo in a proper format, because you have to look good no matter the medium and size. Your photographer or graphic designer can help you create a business card that represents you well so that you can proudly show yourself.</p> <p><strong>For marketing in general</strong></p> <p>Over the course of your career, you may need to use your professional photos for different marketing campaigns. For example, you may have to create flyers or promotional material, just think of the real estate agents who mail notepads where you find their contact information, but also their faces. You may need to speak at an event or give training. You will no doubt be happy to have a professional photo on hand if necessary.</p> <h3><strong>Why work with a photographer for professional photos</strong></h3> <p>Let&#39;s look at this example: let&#39;s say you&#39;re getting married. So, this is a very special day. Do you want this moment to be immortalized by your brother-in-law&#39;s friend who likes photography or by a professional photographer specializing in weddings? While a photographer may be a more expensive option, working with a professional increases the chances of you being satisfied with the service offered. If you want your professional photos to be relevant and of high quality, it is suggested that you turn to a professional photographer.</p> <p>It should be noted that not all photographers do professional photography. As mentioned above, some photographers specialize in weddings, events, landscapes, portraits, etc. During your research, you will need to find someone who can take your professional photos.&nbsp; This person will know what you need and the whole process will be easier. Take a look at their portfolios to find the styles you like the most. Don&#39;t hesitate to ask for references from acquaintances or contact various photographers to find out their prices and availability.</p> <p>Important: make sure you understand what the photoshoot includes. It would be a shame if you paid for a shoot, but the photos you want, or the retouching are extra. That means, take the time to read the service contract.</p> <h3><strong>Some tips to make your photoshoot a success</strong></h3> <p>Now that you know how useful it is to have professional photos, here are some tips to have a successful professional photoshoot once you have found the ideal photographer.</p> <p><strong>Identify and explain your needs</strong></p> <p>When you first contact your photographer, start by explaining why you need professional photos. This person will then be able to guide you. For example, a photo for the cover of your latest book may be different from a photo for your website or business card.</p> <p><strong>Try different make-up/hairstyles/poses before the shoot</strong></p> <p>To remove some stress before the day of the shoot, try various makeup, hairstyles and poses a few days before. That way, you&#39;ll save valuable time, because you&#39;ll have a good idea of what you want to look like. Depending on the service, some photographers may ask for examples of what you want.</p> <p><strong>Bring different outfits</strong></p> <p>If you can, consider bringing different combinations of clothes for your professional photos. In addition to allowing you to try different options, like with brightness or poses, you will avoid having the same photos on all your mediums.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Think about the location of the shoot</strong></p> <p>Is your field of activity primarily outside? Why not show it during your photoshoot? On the contrary, would you prefer to take pictures directly from your office? These are things to consider and discuss with your professional photographer. Depending on the photographer, outdoor shoot costs are different than studio costs.</p> <p><strong>Have fun!</strong></p> <p>Here&#39;s our last tip: have fun! Take advantage of this day to get up and be the star of the day. Don&#39;t forget that your shoot will be more enjoyable if you feel a connection with your photographer. All professionals should take a moment to have this experience.</p> <p>In conclusion, we hope to have given you the desire to have your own professional photos. If you&#39;re looking for great photographers, don&#39;t hesitate to check out our freelance portraits on Momenteo&#39;s blog. We had the chance to talk to several members of this profession!</p> <p></p>