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How to Work with your Loved One (Without Losing your Mind!)

<p>Was it love at first sight or did time do all the work? Your loved one must certainly be a big part of your life but is he or she a big part of your professional life too? Does your beloved help you from time to time or does he or she works with you on an everyday basis? It is often difficult to set both a healthy personal and professional relationship when we mix feelings and work, especially if you both created your business together for instance. Here are some tips to help you stay united and in love while working together.</p> <h3><strong>Set rules</strong></h3> <p>The first step you should take before starting working with your loved one is to set some rules. Before your first project, take the time to discuss and define your partnership terms in order to avoid surprises along the way. Furthermore, your situation is not extraordinary even if you are a freelancer or a business owner. Indeed, it is believed that 30% of all couples have met at work. If needed, make a contract as you would do for any other professional relationship. Do not be afraid to <a href="" target="_blank">set your limits</a>, even if you are working with your spouse. You do not work on certain days or on weekends? Remind your beloved what is important to you. Although it is always possible to make exceptions as you would do for a good client, keep your commitments and your rules along the way; however, do not forget to communicate your needs. This will probably help you avoid some fights. &nbsp;</p> <h3><strong>Use discretion</strong></h3> <p>If your beloved helps you with some projects or is your business partner, your clients do not need to know that he or she is also your life partner. Use discretion on your personal life as much as possible in order to avoid raising any questions on you or your professionalism. There is nothing more embarrassing for your clients to be caught between you and your spouse during a fight. It is normal that disagreements occur; notwithstanding, please do not wash your dirty laundry in front of others. If, for example, your beloved did not complete a job properly, do not say to your client that it is your husband&rsquo;s or wife&rsquo;s fault and that he or she did not even wash the dishes! If you work with others, employees or clients, know how to resolve your disputes privately.</p> <h3><strong>No work at home</strong></h3> <p>If it is important not to talk about home during work time, the opposite is also true. You totally have the right to take a break from work, even if you work with your life partner. It is necessary to know how to let go in order to avoid any mental breakdown. Set precise moments where you can talk about your commune work and other where you are a normal couple. If needed, plan an appointment at a specific time and discuss everything that is related to your work or note down what you need to check. If you feel like your spouse still thinks about your projects, remind him or her the rules you set together or give him or her a two minutes exemption so he or she can express what bothers them (you could use a chronometer to make sure the given time does not extend). Thereafter, go back to your normal life and benefit from this joyful break from work.</p> <h3><strong>Avoid monotony</strong></h3> <p>Finally, to work with your spouse can have as a consequence to spend more with him or her. You might then have the impression to have nothing more to tell each other. If it is the case, it would probably be a good thing that each of you has their own activities in order to relax or meet other human beings. Moreover, do not forget that you and your beloved are more than business partners: you are lovers first! What were you doing before working together? If your relationship began at work, what are the other couples doing when they are not working? It is not because you are managing a new project that you should avoid any trip or activity. As it is mostly the case for all relationships, you need some time out of the office. Go to a movie or enjoy a good meal at your favorite restaurant for instance! Let your job out of your mind when you spend some romantic time with your lover.</p> <p>Lastly, we hope we managed to help you set your limits regarding your work with your life partner. Although it is already difficult to coordinate our family life and our job, it is not impossible to work with your spouse in a productive and harmonious way. See it as an adventure! Have you ever lived this experience? How did it go? Do not hesitate to share your story in the comments!</p> <p></p> <p>Momenteo wishes a wonderful Valentine&rsquo;s Day to all lovers! &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>