(A short story about how Momenteo started)

It all started back in 2014.

Dominic (now CEO of Momenteo) was a freelance software engineer working in Europe, for international companies like IBM, Microsoft, Nestle and AXA. As many freelancers, he hated accounting, and he wasted a lot of time with generic accounting solutions that were just slightly better than pen and paper.

Unsatisfied, Dominic decided to build his own prototypical version of what later became Momenteo. It was a simple calendar with open tabs, where he could add his work done everyday and convert it to invoices when needed. The tool was ugly and lacked a lot of features, but it made his life so much easier. His wife, who was also freelancing, requested an access. Then during a dinner with friends (also freelancers), he brought his laptop to the table to demonstrate the power and simplicity of his tool.

They were ready to pay for it.

Seeing the interest, he then released a revamped version of his tool, with expenses and travel tracking, accounting and estimates. Momenteo, which was now in public beta, did exactly what people expected of a freelance accounting tool, without the overhead of a business product. And a hundred people loved it.

Understanding that his tool didn’t have what it takes to make it in the big leagues yet, he partnered up with Philip, who brought his product vision and marketing skills to the table. Over the last 6 months of 2015, they revamped the product and the brand, to bring it to a point where users around the world would care about Momenteo.

And the rest is history.

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The Current Team

At Momenteo, we’re cherry picking the very best allies to build and market a world class product. If you feel like joining a team of highly passionate people who like to move fast, get in touch. We’re a lean entreprise, with very little overhead, allowing us to focus on creating value for our users.

Dominic – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dominic is a father, entrepreneur and passionate ping pong player. At Momenteo, he oversees the viability of the company, the human resources and still push some to the codebase once in a while. His strong vision and management skills made Momenteo what it is today.

He sold his previous company and worked as a software engineer for major compagnies like IBM and Microsoft for more than 7 years.

Philip – Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Philip previously built YourExtraLife, ThatIsOP and worked as project manager for a game studio. He also was a marketing consultant for numerous businesses.

At Momenteo, he handles the marketing strategies and the product vision, making sure every interactions with the brand remain coherent.

Hubert – Chief Technology Officer

Hubert has shipped 200+ projects over the last 10 years. As the holder of the technical vision of Momenteo, he has to use his foresight and experience for scalability and maintenability on a daily basis, to make sure our products are robust and compliant.

Hubert also ensures the continuous improvement of the team’s technical skills.

Jonathan – Art Director

Former partner of Spektrum, designer of Snipcart, Signsquid and 250 other design projects over the last 13 years, Jonathan is now fully dedicated to Momenteo. He develops the art direction and the user experience of every products in the ecosystem. His strong art skills

Richard – Front-end Developer

Richard is a versatile developer who enjoys well written code and lightning fast applications. Over his career, he shipped numerous web and hybrid projects. At Momenteo, he develops and optimize the front end of every projects (mobile, website, web app, etc).

Sacha – Support Manager

Sacha is a charismatic speaker who won dozens of pitches in his life. He is also the Big Winner of the Advertising Master Classes at BBR and the recipient of the Louis-Éric Vallée (Y&R) award. His main job is to take care of our customers through the live support and to build the strategies to optimize happiness and efficiency. He is on the front line every day and can quickly identify customer pains.