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Who's Behind Momenteo?

<p>As you know, since the purchase of Momenteo by NovAxis Solutions in 2016, there have been several rumours. Five years have passed already, and we are working hard to create a Quebec billing software that meets the needs of our community. Since we never really took the time to officially introduce ourselves, here is an introduction to the company and employees behind Momenteo&#39;s success.</p> <h2>A Quebec City product and company</h2> <p>Momenteo was created in Quebec and is still a Quebec product owned by NovAxis Solutions. Our offices are located in Quebec City, on the edge of the St-Roch and St-Sauveur neighbourhoods. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of about twenty people from all over the world: Canada, France, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil. And yes, the main programmer behind Momenteo is a Frenchman, and he&#39;s in love with the pastries at the pastry shop La Bo&icirc;te &agrave; Pain!</p> <p><strong>Here are some interesting statistics:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Although Momenteo&#39;s customer base is primarily from Quebec, our billing software is used in more than 38 countries, including the United States, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom and India.</li> <li>From January to November 2020, more than 30,000 invoices were sent using our software.</li> <li>In 2020, the average amount on invoices using Momenteo was $1241.55.</li> <li>In 2019, $49 million was billed by our users.</li> </ul> <p>For those who do not know, NovAxis Solutions is a Quebec company founded in 1989 and specialized in SaaS (Software as a Service) products. Our primary mission from the very beginning was to help entrepreneurs in Quebec and around the world get into business but also to manage their businesses.</p> <h2>&nbsp;Introduction of employees</h2> <p>Because it is our employees who make all the difference, we felt they deserved to be featured in this article. You will then know who you are dealing with when you contact us!</p> <h3>Jonathan,&nbsp;Matthieu and Victor: The Leaders</h3> <p>Managing Momenteo, we have Matthieu the COO, Victor the CTO, and Jonathan the President. It should be noted that Jonathan has only been the head of NovAxis Solutions and Momenteo for a few months. He wants to develop the company and its products, as well as spread our know-how. We asked our new president what vision he had for our billing software and he said he wanted Momenteo to remain a tool that is characterized by its simplicity of use and to be a benchmark in billing and quotes for small businesses and the self-employed. He adds that our future goals are to expand into Canadian and global markets.</p> <p>As for Matthieu, he has a hand in all the files. When he&#39;s not in a meeting with the development team, he works in customer service, tests new features, and compiles statistics for his next meeting.</p> <p>Victor, our technical director, coordinates the various projects and prioritizes tasks that he then gives to the different programmers with the help of Jonathan and Matthieu. He also remains the contact person if his team members have any questions.</p> <h3>&nbsp;Daphne and Patrick: Our Support Agents</h3> <p>We must never forget that it is human beings who are behind the customer service of companies. We are proud to have Daphne and Patrick on our team who respond daily to the requests and questions sent to us with empathy and efficiency. They are the intermediaries between you and the technical team and who propose improvements following your comments. In other words, in addition to being in direct contact with you, they are our eyes and ears.</p> <p>Last year, Daphne and Patrick responded to more than 1000 tickets. They have also written many help articles for our support page and tested new features. Their work is essential to us as well as to you.</p> <h3><br /> Felix and Simon: Guardians of Beauty</h3> <p>F&eacute;lix and Simon make up our team of graphic designers. They are the ones who protect Momenteo&#39;s unique brand image and create the different interfaces of our software or the visuals on social media. They have modified our mascot Richard many times for our daily publications and ensure that the user experience of our billing software is always easy and enjoyable.</p> <h3><br /> Victor, Kim, Yoann, Adrien and Louis: Our Technical Team</h3> <p>Here&#39;s our technical team! They all have different tasks and responsibilities. Kim is our web integrator, and she takes care of bridging the gap between the creations of our graphic designers and web development.&nbsp; Momenteo has a lead developer but more and more members of our team are being trained to understand the intricacies of our billing software.</p> <p>In addition, we are always looking for developers and software development interns to complement our team. Are you interested?&nbsp;<a href="">Discover the available positions</a> and don&#39;t hesitate to contact us if necessary!</p> <h3><br /> Ariane and Benjamin: Our Marketing Talents</h3> <p>Ariane and Benjamin function like two sides of a brain. First, Benjamin is our web strategist. He is responsible for advertising investments on Google Ads, for example. He also closely monitors the statistics of various advertising campaigns and creates automated messages. As for Ariane, she takes care of the Momenteo community. She publishes on social media, writes blog posts, sends seasonal newsletters and does webinars. In short, their respective tasks complement each other. Once a customer signs up with Momenteo because of one of Benjamin&#39;s campaigns, that user then has access to Ariane&#39;s articles and publications.</p> <h3><br /> Mariana: Our Administrative Assistant</h3> <p>If you ever come to visit our offices, the first person you will meet is probably our administrative assistant Mariana and her big smile. In addition to helping us with all the administrative tasks, this is the official pastry chef of NovAxis Solutions / Momenteo. She creates beautiful and delicious cakes at events or employees&#39; birthdays! She also makes the best Brigadero (a Brazilian confectionery) in all of Quebec!</p> <p><br /> In conclusion, we hope to have succeeded in getting you acquainted with the company, but especially the employees behind Momenteo. These men and women are committed to helping you with your billing and quotes so that you can successfully run your business. Don&#39;t hesitate to contact us if necessary, whether it&#39;s for a question, a partnership request or even to say hello! To learn more about other products, our job offers or the history of NovAxis Solutions, visit our website <a href=""></a>.</p> <p></p> <p>On Momenteo&#39;s website, we also have <a href="">an about </a><a href="">page</a> where we put the pictures of our beautiful faces.</p> <p></p>