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7 New Year Resolutions to Consider for 2020

<p>2020 is just around the corner and you might be looking for New Year resolutions. Although the success rate of these resolutions is quite low and that we are often tempted to give everything up in February, it can improve our life quality. Momenteo then took the time to find you 7 New Year resolutions that will improve your freelancer or self-employed worker&rsquo;s life!</p> <h3><strong>Take Time for Yourself</strong></h3> <p>Between work, family, and your obligations, you might have not a lot of time left. It is recommended not to work 7 days a week and to take some vacation from time to time. Your motivation and productivity will only be better. You probably wanted to become a freelancer because you wanted to have more time for you and your loved ones, not the opposite. In 2020, establish a realistic schedule where you will allow yourself some breaks. Why not take a day off once in a while? You could also try to target when your downtimes generally occur and take some vacations during that time. There is nothing wrong with<a href="" target="_blank"> taking a break </a>and separating your personal life from your work.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <h3><strong>Analyze the Past Year</strong></h3> <p>A new year is a good opportunity to do a post-mortem of the last months. Take then a moment to review everything you did in the last months. What were your successes? Which projects did you like the most? What do you need to improve? What would you do differently? Take a look at your files and take some notes. Do you need to contact some of your customers to see if they have any new projects for you? Would you like to offer them a gift to thank them during the holiday season? On the opposite, would you like to stop working with some demanding clients? It is often at the end that we remember how everything started.</p> <h3><strong>Learn Something New</strong></h3> <p>Why not start this new year by learning something new? Besides helping you train your intellectual curiosity, this will have as an advantage to help you stay competitive. For example, you could take French courses or learn to use new software. There are many ways to stay up to date. You could also take training courses in a college or on websites like OpenClassroom and Coursera. Do not hesitate to follow experts or other professionals on social media or blogs in order to stay on top of the latest news in your field.</p> <h3><strong>Save Some Money</strong></h3> <p>We know that it can be difficult to save some money when you are a freelancer. Your life can be precarious or unstable; however, it is for these reasons that you should have a cushion. Start by saving a few dollars every time you receive payment and keep a close look at your expenses and your incomes. Do not forget to claim your tax deductions and take insurances if needed too. Your savings can surely help you when unplanned things happen.</p> <h3><strong>Try Networking</strong></h3> <p>You might not be a big fan of networking or selling yourself in front of strangers; however, most people who network fell the same. There are many <a href="" target="_blank">places where you can do some networking</a> whether it is events or meetings. Start by preparing a few introduction speeches and target a specific goal. Is it to find new customers? Is it to find and discuss with potential partners or other freelancers? You never know who can help you find new projects!</p> <h3><strong>Say No More Often</strong></h3> <p>Do you say yes when your head would like to say no? Do you regret some projects? Is it because you do not want to displease or to be seen as an egoist person that you accept new contracts even if you are overwhelmed? We must admit that <a href="" target="_blank">it is difficult to say no</a>, especially when our situation is precarious. We must understand that sometimes when we say no it allows you to say yes to your needs and wills. <a href="" target="_blank">Define your boundaries</a> and respect them. You will feel better by following this.</p> <h3><strong>Be More Eco-Friendly</strong></h3> <p>We all know that ecology and the protection of the environment are very actual themes. You might already have as a New Year resolution to be more eco-friendly. What can you do to <a href="" target="_blank">be greener while working</a>? First, why not turn off the lights or the heating in your office when you are not working? You could also avoid using paper too. Did you know that your email box produces CO2? Indeed, it is because all your data and emails are stocked and this uses a huge amount of electricity (why not take the time to clean your email box and unsubscribe to all unnecessary newsletters?) You could also get the most of your trips, use active commuting (it will also help you get in shape) and choose greener coffee options.</p> <p>In conclusion, we hope that you now have a few ideas to start the new year on the right foot. You only need to transform these resolutions into new habits to succeed. What New Year resolution are you planning to take for 2020? Do you manage to follow them or does your motivation disappear before springtime?&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>Momenteo&rsquo;s team wishes you a wonderful new year full of new opportunities!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>