Create and send your estimates easily with Momenteo

Your clients probably need to manage budgets, and they will sometimes require estimates before they give you a green light.

Create and send your estimates easily with Momenteo

Let them know how you work

The 4 steps process is pretty similar to invoicing: fill your estimate with the project breakdown, design it using your brand color, send it to your client(s) and assign it an accepted or rejected status depending on your client’s feedback. You will also receive a notification when your client makes its decision.

How to create an estimate

It is easy to create estimates with Momenteo. Start by adding all the invoicing elements and include a description of the work, then enter your rate. You can customize your estimate by adding your logo and brand colors. Do not forget to include terms as well. Indeed, it is suggested that you add an expiry date to your estimates. Finally, send your estimate to your potential client when everything is ready.

Let them know how you work

Follow your quotes and estimates

As is the case with your invoicing, you can monitor your estimates easily with Momenteo. Click on the Estimates tab to find all the estimates to send, the ones sent, and the won ones.

How to win contracts

Finally, here are some tips on how to create an estimate: study the needs of your potential customer and calculate your rate while taking into account all your administrative fees. Add elements of your brand, and do not forget to be precise when you write what is included in your quote.


Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know if my customer has viewed my estimate?

    Just like invoices, your estimates can be tracked. As soon as you send one, go to the 'Estimates' tab, select the estimate, and look at status. Under the communication history, you will be able to see if it was sent, opened, or accepted.

  • Can I convert my estimates to an invoice?

    Yes. Once the estimate is accepted, you will have the option of converting it to an invoice. It will then go directly to the Invoices tab.

  • Where do estimates go whether they are accepted or not?

    Whether your estimate is accepted or not, you can then find it in the archives of the Estimate tab. That way, you will always have a record of it and if your customer changes their mind, you can modify the estimate and turn it into an invoice.

  • Can I add an expiration date to my estimates?

    Yes, it is possible to add an expiration date when creating your estimate and we highly recommend it.