Clients: Gather all relevant information regarding your professional relationships

Doing business without contacts is hard. Momenteo allows you to keep track of your professional relationships.

Clients: Gather all relevant information regarding your professional relationships

Meaningful data about your relationships

Over time, you’ll gather important data about the relationship with your different contacts. Who is your biggest client? Who are the cheapest suppliers? You’ll know. You probably take good care of your business relationships; let us help you with that.

How to add clients to Momenteo

First, let us see how to add a client to Momenteo. Click on the Contacts tab and select the + icon located top right. Enter the name, email address, and the name of the business. Then, you can customize the client page by adding a color, the invoicing information, like the address, the language, the currency, and the payment method.

Meaningful data about your relationships

Build professional relationships

You will have access to many tools to help you build professional relationships. For example, Momenteo gives you access to a place to take notes, see account statements, and manage the invoicing elements associated with your client.

Manage your clients easily

Momenteo’s invoicing software is based upon the number of active clients. But what is an active client exactly? It is simply a client you send invoices to during a financial year. If needed, you can archive contacts.


Frequently asked questions

  • How do I access a summary of my client?

    To find the status of accounts with all the estimates and invoices of a customer, simply go to the Contacts tab, choose a customer then select Go to portal at the top left of the page.

  • How do I add credit to a customer’s account?

    You have the option of adding credit to a customer's account. Simply go to your contacts, select the customer then credits at the top of your screen then select '+' on the right and enter the credit amount.

  • How do I customize my hourly rate?

    You can customize your hourly rate or even an item for one or more customers. To do this, simply go to your contacts page and select a contact, then go to the Invoice Items tab. You will then find all your items, including your hourly rate. Select Edit to change the rate.

  • How do I delete a contact?

    It is not possible to delete a contact, but you can archive them. Simply select your contact and select Archive Contact at the top right of your page. You can find them at any time in your archives in the Contacts tab. That means if this customer returns, simply select Unarchive contact by selecting their profile.