Momenteo: The Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

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Momenteo: The Invoicing Software for Small Businesses
What is Momenteo?

What is Momenteo?

We all know that businesses must send invoices. However, did you know that there are tools that will help you to save time and money? Let us tell you about Momenteo, an invoicing software that can help you create invoices and quotes in just a few clicks. Our invoicing software was designed especially for self-employed people and small businesses just like yours.

Why use invoicing software like Momenteo?

Do you find yourself spending valuable time managing your invoices? Here are some reasons you should think about using invoicing software like Momenteo.

Send invoices quickly

Are you still making invoices for your small business manually? It must take you a lot of time. Why not simplify the creation of invoices by choosing invoicing software like Momenteo? In just a few clicks, you can create a professional-looking invoice or quote that has all the necessary components.

Receive payments easily

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your money. Did you know that most invoicing software allow you to receive online payments? Yes, people can pay you by simply clicking on the invoice with this feature. If you use Momenteo, link your Stripe or PayPal account to receive payments.

Have access to statistics

In order to manage your small business well, you need to have access to statistics and reports. What was the last month’s gross profit? What were last year’s expenses? Invoicing software like Momenteo gives you access to relevant data about your business that will help you make informed decisions.

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Receive payments easily

Why choose Momenteo’s invoicing software?

Many invoicing tools are available but are they adapted to the needs of your small business? Let us look at why you should choose Momenteo’s invoicing software.

Momenteo, It is simple

It is simple

There won’t be any headaches or the need to take courses to understand how Momenteo works. We believe that everybody can use it. Momenteo’s founder wanted to break down the complexity of accounting into a single question: What did you done today? Add your travel, hours worked, expenses, and work completed directly to our calendar and let our tool create your invoices.

Momenteo, It is affordable

It is affordable

You likely have some start-up fees if you just started your small business. When you choose Momenteo, you select an affordable invoicing software that follows the evolution of your business. Did you just start and have two clients? If so, Momenteo is free to use! Once you have more than two clients, the price follows the number of clients you send invoices to. Additionally, Momenteo is a deductible business expense.

Momenteo, Useful features

Useful features

Momenteo gives you access to everything you need to manage your invoices. At one glance, you can see what the status of your invoices and quotes are. Which ones are ready to be sent? Which ones are due? Send a payment reminder or an account statement, then add recurring work to the system. You can also add travel or track your time if needed.

Frequently asked questions about Momenteo

Can I send invoices in other languages?

At this moment, it is possible to send invoices in English or French. When you create a new client profile, you can assign them a language. Enter the invoicing details and let Momenteo translate the rest of your invoice or quote.

Can I customize my invoices with Momenteo?

Of course! Your small business brand image must be displayed everywhere, even on your invoices. On Momenteo, start by adding your logo. Our system will then automatically use your logo’s colors on your invoices and quotes. You can decide to change the size and location of your logo, and change fonts, colors, and templates by going to the second step when creating your invoice.

Can I try Momenteo for free?

Yes! Momenteo allows you to try its invoicing software for free. Indeed, you can send invoices to two clients free of charge and without any time limit. You will have access to the majority of our features. It is perfect to see if Momenteo can meet your small business needs.

I often travel for work. How can I manage the mileage?

It is easy to manage and bill your mileage with Momenteo. Use our tool to know the number of kilometers traveled and add your fees. You only have to enter the addresses to see the travel appear in your calendar. The only thing left will be to bill everything to your clients.